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8 Sure signs that your child has a high IQ

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While every child is unique and special in their own way, some are blessed with a higher level of intelligence than the rest. They are born with unusual brain power that helps them learn and grasp things faster and develop a deeper level of understanding from an early age. Their higher IQ helps them to build creative perspectives and advanced problem-solving skills.

What is IQ?

IQ is the short form of Intelligence Quotient, which is basically a test designed to assess the reasoning and problem-solving skills of an individual. Scoring great marks in school and having a high IQ are two different things but the latter may influence the former.

Parents of highly intelligent kids often worry as their children start to display some unique behaviors or social differences from a very young age that set them apart from the other kids.
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Here are 8 sure signs you may notice in your child which means that he is born with a high IQ:

8 Sure signs that your child has a High IQ

#1. Razor-sharp Memory
One of the tell-tale signs that your child may grow up to be a highly intellectual person is that he has excellent memory power. If your little one is capable of following multiple instructions at a time and remembers even the

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